Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify



Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify

Certifying for Anti-IVT and Brand Safety standards


Japan Advertisers Association (JAA)
Japan Advertising Agencies Association (JAAA)
Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA)


Registration Start : April 1, 2021

Audit (3rd party/self) Start : July 1, 2021

Basic overview

Launched by three organizations, this is a certification mechanism established with the aim of developing sound digital advertising and making it more beneficial to both companies and society by resolving quality issues in the digital advertising market.

JICDAQ has established auditing standards for business processes related to "exclusion of invalid distribution, including ad fraud" and "ensuring brand safety according to the quality of advertising destinations," and it certifies businesses that are conducting business appropriately in accordance with these standards, as well as indicating the names of companies that are registered and certified. It also announces the company names of advertisers in agreement with this philosophy, with its goal to improve advertising quality together.

Outline of Certification criteria

JICDAQ has two certification standards: Anti-IVT and Brand Safety.

Related organizations

Overview of 3 stakeholder organizations


(Japan Advertisers Association)


Organization Overview

JAA Japan Advertisers Association (JAA), a joint venture of leading Japanese advertiser companies and organizations, is a public interest incorporated association that aims to contribute to the sound development of advertising activities.


(Japan Advertising Agencies Association)


A step forward for Japanese advertising.

The JAAA was created to bring advertising companies together, to stimulate the creation of new ads, and to foster quality advertising. Since its foundation in 1950, the JAAA has grown considerably as the representative organization of the Japanese advertising industry.

Objectives and Activities of the JAAA

JAAA conducts activities for the sound development of the advertising industry and improvement of the standard of advertising activities, in pursuit of the common interests of all members. It also aims to contribute to improving the lives of the citizenry and promoting the further development of the Japanese economy.


(Japan Interactive Advertising Association)


Our mission

Recognizing its social responsibility for the fact that advertising activities using the Internet constitute the economic foundation that enables all kinds of digital content and network communications, the JIAA is dedicated to improving the environment for Internet advertising business, building social trust from advertisers and consumers, and ensuring that the market continues to grow healthily.

Certification and fees

Certification mechanism

Certification mark